A Tribute to our Eternal Guru
Thaipoosam-Feb'7th and 8th '2009

As per the gregorian calendar the first festival that is celebrated at the siddhar peedam is 'Thai Poosam'. The name of this festival could be reasoned out as the first name 'Thai' means the name of the month in the Tamil (an ancient Indian language) calendar and 'Poosam' is the name of a star in the constellation.

This festival is celebrated in the siddhar peedam with all its unique and special aspects such as kalasa velvi poojas and all service activities. But the significance of the festival lies in the lighting of 'Thai Poosam Jyothi' by persons selected by Adigalaar in Arul Nilai. Those who have witnessed this ceremony have seen the presence of sun, moon and a star while the jyothi is lit. The people selected by the Adigalaar to lit the jyothi do not need any qualification and Adigalaar doesn't look over for any categorization.

As a part of the celebrations of Thai Poosam is ' irumudi' dedicated to the mother. The term 'IRUMUDI' means a red color bag with two pockets one of which is filled up with pooja accessories and other with a coconut and rice grains. People who carry this irumudi are supposed to wear 'SAKTHI MALAI' (a red beed string) and carry out fasting. After binding this irumudi people from all over the world travel in any mode towards Melmaruvathur. People dedicate their irumudi to the mother. The eternal meaning of which is solemnly surrender our sins at the feet's of the mother and beg for salvation.

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