A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

The basic requirements of true spiritual progress are Purity in thought, purity in action, universal love, deep devotion to God, treating one and all without distinction of caste, creed or sex, humility and sincerity. The lose of control over senses, emotions and anger have paved the way of destruction, with technology strongly backing up this action. Hence if this condition prevails long, destruction in terms of minds, lives and existence may occur to such a extent from where return back is impossible.

Life in the world today is going beyond control. Only spiritualistic powers can contain it.

- Amma's Oracle

It is the duty of every one of us, the prolific users of the resources of the present world to correct and erect our past errors that have ended up in a critical situation. The destruction that has been caused to the earth is not revocable but the destruction process on minds could be stopped from moving any further. This noble task could be fulfilled through spirituality. (i.e.) the faith in the concept of omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. This could very well be explained as concentrating the senses towards one apex outside the world. The outcome of this would be self realization, control over self, senses and emotions.

To spin a top, both rope and power are needed. Similarly spiritualism to thrive, both Adigalaar and annai are needed.
- Amma's Oracle

His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar, fondly addressed as ‘Amma’ (mother in English) the believed incarnation of Adhiparasakthi in Siddhar peetam, Melmaruvathur who calls thyself as a cleanser has started the task of mending the human minds through spirituality.

The worship procedure of His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar includes reciting of prescribed Manthras (spiritual verses), the vibration of which causes a noble effect on one’s mind. Dhyana, meaning meditation in English that converges one’s thoughts towards a single point. Of all these the most significant spiritual activity prescribed by amma is that service to human i.e., love towards fellow souls. Other than these there lies rituals like Yagnas that are performed for noble causes and much more.

To enforce the spiritual movement ‘Amma’- ‘Arulmigu Bangaaru Adigalaar’ has established ‘ADHIPARASAKTHI SPIRITUAL YOUTH WINGS’ in hundreds of places.

For spiritualism to grow one should do good to others and pray regularly.
- Amma's Oracle

Basically, to prepare oneself for spirituality one must possess or ready to develop the following qualities:

  • Possess physical, mental and moral strength
  • Try to be humble, simple, gentle, tolerant, merciful, and kind
  • Mind should be free from egoism, desire, craving, attachment
  • Kill all your desires through attitudes of contentment and universal love
  • Lust, greed and anger are three enemies of spirituality
  • Selfishness is the source of all vices, through right attitude and behavior one can mould his destiny
  • Truthfulness, self control, absence of envious emulation, forgiveness, modesty, endurance, absence of jealousy, charity, thoughtfulness and unceasing compassion and harmlessness are the eleven forms of truth
  • Charity only should be for needy and neither for any results or for advertisement
  • Strong and fierce determination, firm resolution, intense application, tenacity, patience and perseverance will bring spiritual evolution
  • Think good, speak truthfully and act righteously
  • Think that you are the immortal atman or the soul not the enclosure of the same
  • No soul can succeed in spiritual practices without renunciation, dispassion, discipline, morality, devotion and meditation
  • Aim of the soul should be to get rid of births and rebirths by deep devotion and spiritual practices
  • Spiritual practice is the only real wealth in the human life
  • Strong moral foundation is the half way point in the spiritual way
  • The troubles and miseries are due to egoism. Annihilate egoism
  • Meditation shuts worldly thoughts, increases power of restraint, gives good health, makes you divine, kills pain and sorrows, destroy rebirths, gives peace and bliss
  • To serve the poor and oppressed is your duty

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