A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

"Service to man is service to god",

- Swami Vivekananda.

"One who never endangers his fellow human, will reach me and his place is assured in heaven",
- Bible

"Service and Devotion are the eyes of spiritualism",
- Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar

You come to the Sanctum Sanctorum to see me but when you serve for the humanity, I come in search of you and bless you.

- Amma's Oracle

We are aware that, we are the creations of the almighty. In this birth, everyone has got his or her own problems in the course of life. Some solve it on their own will and some with others help. Such problems fade away in due course of life and new problems arise. But that is not the case with the problems of leading a life on Earth. The need for food, shelter, clothes, education must be fulfilled for everyone. One who help those who are in need of the above amenities would be considered great. This kind of helps shall not be categorized as charity but as benevolence and universal goodwill towards humanity.

Though we individuals with a tendency to render a helping hand to the needy, we may be able to partially fulfill the amenities of a single or two or some hundreds. But it will not be a permanent and longstanding remedy for bulk number of people. To make it possible everyone in human community with care and passion towards the fellow humans, must join hands in the effort of uplifting the needy community. As a lot of differences such as caste, creed, race, color, wealth and country prevail among us, the unity of human minds is nearer to impossible task. Unite us together could be achieved by the almighty. And that is happening at Melmaruvathur.

Adigalaar, fondly addressed as 'amma', who has got great passion towards human, have united people of all categories of life to serve the needy people.

The food distribution that goes on through out the year, the free marriages that are arranged for the poor community, the instruments provided for the craftsmen and workers, the crutches and tricycles provided for the handicaps all are the services provided not alone at the temple but also carried out by the devotees associated to the 2500 Mandrams (mass worship centers) and the Adhiparasakthi youth wings all over the world.

Apart from the above said services, 'Adigalaar' emphasizes on educating everyone which could produce or mould civilized citizens. For the same reason, the temple is running a polytechnic, a higher secondary school, an engineering college, an arts & science college, a pharmacy college, a physiotherapy college and a nursing college. The revenue to run all these above said institutions have come out only of the merciful minds of the humanitarians spread all over the world. Here, no one is discriminated or categorized by the money they donate, every penny to crores are counted the same. The thing that counts here is the mercy and passion that one has towards fellow humans.

Seeing is believing. The portrayals displayed aside would show the shape taken by the united power of the mercy in human minds. Donating a cent to such organization gives a satisfaction that is rather high than what is attained by donating a dollar to an individual.

To be precise, Spirituality in 'Adigalaar's' directory means not only the prayers we offer to God, but the most significant part of it is the social service. He/She is one and the same for everyone,

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