A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

The picture at left shows Adigalaar (one with green neem leaves) in Arul Nilai (The state at which the Holy Spirit of Goddess AdhiParaSakthi is in Him). In this state, the whole characteristics of Adigalaar is entirely different than His usual self. His entire behavior, including walking, talking, smiling, seeing, etc., will be like a lady. All that He (She) says during this state of being is called Oracle (Arul Vaakku in Tamil meaning Divine Saying)

Arulvaakku (Arul = Giving, Blessing; Vaakku = Vaak, Word, Utterance) means “Divine Blessing Utterances”. It is the very utterance of AadhiParaaShakti - anytime, anywhere. In the lingo of the temple it usually refers to the secret Word to you and your family in a private audience with Amma at the Puttrumandapam (Snake Pit) bringing about an encounter between Jeevatma (Individual Soul) and Paramaatma (Universal Soul), Man and God, Made and Maker.

Arulvaakku is given to families and individuals who make a special pooja known as the Abhishekam. None of course miss a communion at the Arulkoodam where streams of love-hungry people jostle with little offerings of flowers and fruits to see the living God whose very proximity melts down the heart. And who wouldn’t want to talk with God.?

The Arulvaakku is the irrevocable Veda, the ultimate, the soothe saying and the final word to mankind. It is beyond the realms of human comprehension and excels feats of ESP- specialists, Godmen and Gods. The range, depth, quality and compassion is mind boggling. It is a supernatural say-so, flows fluently and graciously, and a sheer miracle of Amma the Supreme.

You are startled to find that She begins the nitty-gritty Arulvaakku all by Herself without being asked or told, for, She exists in you as your soul. You are stark naked before Her, having nothing to hide. She focuses Her attention on you to reel off subtle details of the past, present and future. It is the most beautiful moment of life, turning stony hearts into welled eyes. Peering into the astral viscera She blasts inexorable, inevitable, and eternal karma, if need be the case, telling ways and means of solving vexatious problems and achieving the impossible - to all at all times. The laconic Arulvaakku is lucid and stunning

Rich and poor, high and low, good and evil, savants and sinners, doctors and the diseased - queue for a word. To none She shows nepotism nor neglect but evades aspersions, for results fructify on rapt attention, careful uptake and sheer obedience not to speak of implicit Bakthi

The Utterances of the Universal Mother Goddess AdhiParaSakthi Herself - that flows from His Holiness Adigalaar are the Oracles. Weekly thrice - on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays and on Full moon and New Moon days, Oracles are uttered at the AdhiParaSakthi Siddhar Peetam, Melmaruvathur, India by His Holiness Adigalaar. The devotees hearing the Oracle sit facing His Holiness Bangaaru Adigalaar. Even before they could think or ask anything, flows the Divine Uttering, telling them about their past, present, and the future and in the course, removing their grievances and guiding them for the course of action they have to follow from then on. This Oracle flows in the very language of the devotees. This holy and great uttering from Adigalaar cures diseases, showing the ways of God, gives explanations about spirituality and through these help the progress of the human race.

Melmaruvathur AdhiParaSakthi's Oracles

It is because Adigalaar is a Family Saint that it gives credit to this Spiritual Organization. It is best for you to participate in this spiritual movement as husband and wife".

"Do Unto others as you would like others to do unto you".

"When your yearning for Me is sincere and so much as you efface your ego that much of My grace will I bestow you with".

"Do your services. In return I shall take care of your responsibilities."

"Clean the dirt in yourself. Discharge your spiritual duties with sincere devotion. Then you will realize who Adigalaar is".

"I shall change your destiny for the better, should you serve me with true love and devotion".

"The term 'I' must be erased and replaced by the thought 'We'".

"When rain falls on dry earth it becomes fertile. The short grass as it is grazed again and again, it sprouts better. The more you spend on spiritual services, the more you get paid back".

"I shall pardon all sins. But there is one sin which even I cannot pardon. It is egoism. I shall never forgive egoism".

"By participating in joint worships, your previous Karmas will be consumed. You will receive Sakthi's grace. You will be relieved of your sorrows."

"It is for the progress of humanity that Poosai(Prayers)and joint worships are held".

"In the society, for every nine evil persons there will be one good person. It is for this one good person there is rain for all (growth, productivity, prosperity and peace). The actions of the evil will result in a cyclone (decay, destruction, untold sufferings, and death)".

"When you engage in spiritualism with sincerity and devotional service, I shall reveal my presence to you."

"Atheism should be destroyed and Spirituality should spread; The God consciousness and faith should prevail strongly with the people. All the hungry stomachs should be fed and their life expanded. Provide food, clothe and shelter to all the poor and needy. Those who visit this Temple (Siddhar Peetam at Melmaruvathur, India) should give up their evil and take the path of righteousness."

"Unity of minds, and the path of meditation should spread. Everyone should think of every other's life as their own. The egoism of 'I' should die and the thought that "Everything is sakthi", should be held in this world."

"I make you undergo the unbearable sufferings, only to mould you into a speckles pure gold. Only through sorrows, that you will gain the valuable insight. One should gain it only by experiencing it. You should experience this worldly sufferings and karmas now in my presence itself."

"Don't be a slave for name and fame. Win or lose, do not be worried. Do your duties with complete faith in Me. Bow not to wealth and worldly matters. Surrender only to true Love."

"Even the evil minded and thieves are my children. To protect the society from them, I have ordained some of them to visit this Temple often. At least during their time in the Temple, rest of the society will be peaceful."

"In any society, if the number of evil people is lower than good people, then in the due course of time, the evil will be weakened and good will be strengthened. A cup of poison can make a jar of milk deadly. But can it poison an ocean?"

"Water can control fire. Fire can be made from that water also. Wind can control fire and water. These three elements can be controlled by human mind."

"Wealth will only create lowliness. Will destroy the values. Will create a faithless state. It will create arrogance, poverty and humiliation."

"Attachment leads to birth. Hence, attachment to worldly things should be avoided. Faith (Bhakthi) is in every life form: Human beings, animals, birds all have Faith (Bhakthi). They all have attachments. They all have values."

"Because Adigalaar behaves as though one among us and freely talks with all of us, if one tries to approach Him with bogus faith, he/she can neither reach Him nor progress spiritually."

"The basic five elements of the earth are equivalent to five senses in human beings. To control them one requires good heart. To refine the soul, five senses should be controlled. To control the five senses, mind should be controlled."

"The reward for spiritual involvement will not be attained immediately. Only the total involvement with strict control over five senses, will realize its fruit in the due course of time."

"Pretending to do service will only accumulate sin."

"I am teaching each and everything to you, just like a mother would feed her child with love and care. It is up to you to realize this and do service to get My blessings. Don't miss the opportunity."

"Benevolent atheist who involves in humble service is far better than selfish spiritual preacher who does it for name and fame."

"Similar to a mother who researches and plans the life and growth of her child, you should also plan the spiritual activities to make it a grand success."

"It is the seed that falls on the soil; not the soil on the seed. Likewise, you should approach God. Do not expect God to approach you."

"In this kaliyug, the simplest and easiest path to reach Me (God) is to completely surrender in me and do the service I assign to you without questioning it. No amount of prayers, mantra recitation or yoga is equivalent to service to humanity with devotion."

"So many Yogis have remained in the state of yoga for many years, wishing to get my sight. All their effort is futile. But many of the devotees who sincerely and unselfishly performed the duties that I assigned, have seen me in one form or the other. When you shoulder the responsibilities of serving humanity with devotion as ordained by Me I am with you always. Do not give up this easy path of reaching God."

"The worms in water are victims to fish. The fish is a victim to snakes. The snake is victim to eagles. The eagle is a victim to other animals. The animals are victim to human. The human is a victim to his/her own mind."

"If I assign a position to a person, it is not because of his/her education, wealth or social status. But it is a remuneration for his/her past karma."

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