“The Mantra “Om” contains a whole philosophy that many volumes would not suffice to state - an Eastern Philosophy”, wrote Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon). It is this simple two syllable mantra that can expound spirituality in western science and scientific principles of spiritual consciousness.‘OM', It is a sacred syllable which could be explained as the emblematic representation of the point of origin. It is said that the sound originated from a single non-dual source of energy from which evolved every entity on earth. Chanting 'OM' is said to invoke the above said non-dual energy. The vibration that is produced while chanting 'OM' matches with the vibration that occurred at the time of creation. Eventually this vibration enhanced the motion of creation.Everything is composed of moving forces. Even what seems to be a solid like metals, rocks, stones, etc are made of densely packed molecules. The electrons and protons making up these molecules are in constant motion around the nuclei. All motion is accompanied by their corresponding sound. This sound generated by motion or ‘causal stress’ is called “Shabda” in Sanskrit (The primordial language of the world that originated in India and dates back more than 12,000 years and is basically considered to be ‘divine language’ as many of literature in Sanskrit is more related to spirituality and God consciousness). In fact there is no equivalent word in English that can truly imply the meaning of “Shabda”. Sound is the word that comes closest to it, yet does not elicit the true essence of Shabda. Thus, matter of whatever form is only a relatively stable form of cosmic energy. The world is called Jagat since everything is in constant motion. This movement is sensed by living beings as sound, light, taste, touch, and smell through five physical organs (instruments) of ears, eyes, tongue, feel and nose. These sense organs or instruments are called Indriyas. A movement presented to a subject as ‘sound’ is recognized by the physical organ ‘ear’ and subtle energy ‘mind’, as reflecting ‘light’ similar to ‘eye’ and ‘mind’ apprehending colors & forms. Similarly taste by ‘tongue’ and ‘mind’. Hence we can see that the sensing is possible only through the faculty of ‘mind’ operating on corresponding physical organs ears, eyes, tongue, nose and feel. For example, as you are reading this, there maybe a number of sounds being produced around you and reaching your ears, but only those sounds are heard that are comprehended by the ‘hearing’ faculty of mind. The brain is a physical storage of data collected by these five sense organs and comprehended by mind faculty. This is the reason that we cannot recognize something that has not been heard, seen, felt, smelt or tasted before. So, our ‘remembrance’ is a retrieval of data stored in specific parts of our brain called ‘memory’. You can draw the analogy of this function with that of computers. Physically, we are as knowledgeable as only the amount of information stored in our brain. But Intelligence is different, since it does not depend only on stored memory, but the flow of Manas – The Mind and its level of connectivity to the Aanma – The Soul’.

All living creatures have souls. In the sound of bird & in the hiss of snake there is the sound of pranava. But you may not understand or appreciate. Great sages have said that I'm in the shape of OM.

-Amma's Oracle

All things are part of the One Mother AadhiParaaShakti who is Life Itself, displaying the three vital movements of creative upbuilding, of destructive disintegration and the holding of these two opposing (creation and destruction) forces in equilibrium. Naada-Bindu differentiates into the Trinity of Will (Icchaa Shakti), Knowledge (Jnaana Shakti) and Action (Kriya Shakti). These three Powers are A, U, and M or the Devataas Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. These are not “Gods”. There is only One God. These are Devas or “Shining Ones” being aspects and specific manifestations of the One Divine Power. It is this One Divine Power (Energy) that Jesus referred to as “Father”, Mohammed as “Allah” (Al-All; Lah-Powerful), and Buddha as “God”.

Interestingly, it is only the Sound and Light that we can sense without touching with a part of our body. Because these two forms of energy travel (move) in waves and are received by ears and eyes. Taste and Smell are results of chemical reqction and can be felt only if touched by tongue and nose. Smell needs the etheral medium for the result of chemical reaction to reach our nose. Maybe physical science will evolve in the future to devise instruments to generate, transmit and reproduce smell just like light and sound.

In the beginning there was a single atom which split (exploded) to release unimaginable energy levels that propagated to zillions of space units “Yugas”. The physical science concept to explain this is ‘Big-Bang Theory’ , which Prof. Carl Sagan pioneered and travelled to India visiting Hindu Temples and reading their scriptures looking for evidence to prove this theory. This propagation of energy formed the universes, galaxies, stars, planets and everything on its path. Thus, all things, matter and anti-matter, animate and inanimate, liquids, solids, and gas, everything inherently contain this energy. The propagation began as subtle level energy – The Shabda – Sound, which then transformed as next level gross energy – The Light. This fact is expressed not only in Indian spiritual scriptures, but also in The Holy Bible.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” – John 1:1 (Holy Bible)

So, Sound – The Shabda was the very first creation of Original Energy Source – The God. As it pervades in everything due to its nature of creation or formation during Its propagation, the appropriate name in the plane of ‘Bhu’ – Earth is AadhiParaaShakti (Aadhi – Origin; Paraa – Present everywhere; Shakti – Energy or Causal Stress). This being said, the sound produced by the generating stress or constituent force of ‘fire’ cannot be heard by normal ears. When fire burns, what we hear is only the sound made by breaking and frictions of object being burned, but not that of the fire itself. If all the motion are accompanied by Shabda or Sound, then burning fire (imagine the flame) must also be accompanied by its corresponding Shabda or Sound but cannot be heard or sensed by our ears. But this Shabda or Fire is heard by the ‘Mind’ or ‘Manas’ of an evolved Yogi. So the causal stress of Fire is the sound heard by Yogi which is represented for our physical ears as the sound “Ram”, which is termed as Bija (Seed) mantra of fire. Similarly the causal stress of Water is the Bija mantra “Lam”. The causal sound of vital function as breathing is represented by the Praana – Bija “Hamsa”.

In this sense, the very first creation of Shabda – The Sound has been heard by Yogis / Rishis as “Om”. Please note that even the sound of “Om” is only closest representation of original sound generated by the causal stress of creation, but not that Shabda itself. It just helps us to get closer to original creation energy, when one meditates on “Om”. This is why “Om” is referred to as Primordial Sound.

This is a perfect consecration of scientific concept referring to three different aspects i.e. creation, maintenance and destruction of Supreme Energy which is God. Brahma is always creating and recreating the elements of manifested substance, which Shiva is ever breaking down. Throughout nature there are twin forces constructing and destroying forms, integration and disintegrating, anabolism and catabolism, tending to change and conservation of tissues and so on.

The Mantra “Om” is composed of three letters A, U, and M. The first two vowels combine into “O” (pronounced as in Okay).
The three aspects A, U and M of the Primordial Energy (Naada-Bindu) are always operating, while

  • Shiva (Rudra) is by chemical destruction, breaking down the combination of matter and thus working towards the final dissolution of things, that is the disintegration of forms into its more general elements (Mahaabhoota) or into the formless substance (Prakriti) the material Cause of all
  • Brahma creates it anew by His ever rejuvenating molecular activity, thus rescuing organized vitality from the process which are ever at work to consume its forms
  • Vishnu is the power which stabilizes matter in the midst of these conflicting forces and thus maintains all Existences.
Things only possess relative stability. So it is that the Power of Rudra works its purpose at the end. Matter itself is only a relatively stable form of Energy from which as Supreme Will appears and into which, on the attainment of its terminal state, it again merges. It is Vishnu who holds it together in equilibrium. Leaving individual existences and looking at the sum total of manifested Energy, Vishnu the Maintainer, throughout Space and Time is a theological statement of the “Newton’s Law of Conservation of Energy”.

In this sense, “Om” is the representative (Pratika) of the Vital Potential of the Universe and the Trinity of Energies by which It actualizes and materializes Itself as the five forms of “matter” (Pancha Bhoothas - Five natural elements), namely Ethereal (Ether-Aakaasha), Aaerial (Air-Vaayu), Fiery (Fire-Agni), Liquid (Water-Ap) and Solid (Earth-Prtivi). Thus through the worship of and meditation on this Pratika OM, with all its implications, man realizes himself as the one vital Shakti (Energy) who is the Mother of all - AadhiParaaShakti. Now this is Self-Realization.

            'OM' is the same syllable as AMEN,AHMIN which means the origin state. this syllable emphasises on the Truth which is one & only Exisistence. All worshipping could be made with 'OM'. Every trinity on earth such as past-present-future, birth-life-death, creation- preservation-destruction and so on is represented by 'OM'.'OM 'should be worshipped, can either be chanted loudly or siltently in mind with understanding of its meaning & with bhava(modulations). It should be meditated.

            'OM' should be chanted with three decibels sound. The pronunciation of it starts from the navel with 'O' & must reach the top of the head slowly while completing 'M'.

Son, to reach me, bow your body in humility, deflate your egoism. When you bend before me, you see yourself and not myself and you find myself in you.

-Amma's Oracle

            The manthras which mother dictated in her oracles for recitation of her devotees have a significant aspect that, these manthras are enclosed within two 'OM's & hence is pregnanted with immense of power.

Practising to meditate 'OM' regularly, steadily, and sincerely with faith, and perservance will make the vibration of every atom in our body to resonate with original sound of creation, thus pushing us closer to Source - Origin - The God - AadhiParaaShakti.

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