A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

This festival name can be explained as 'Nava' meaning nine and 'Rathiri' meaning night. This festival is celebrated for nine days by decorating the idol of mother in the sanctum sactorum in different postures.

This portrayal shows the mother in the Sanctum sanctorum being decorated as Shiv Linga(Lord of Destruction as by Indian Myth).This is to reveal that mother takes the wholesome resposibility of both being a saviour and destructor.

This portrayal shows the mother in the Sanctum sanctorum being decorated as Kanchi Kamakshi(another form of mother).This is to reveal that mother is one and the same though she is worshipped in different places by different names.

This posture of mother is the one that describes the way, mother looks like during the process of destructing evils.This posture of mother is called as 'KALI' meaning The destructor of Evils.

Mother in this picture is decorated as Lord Krishna(An Incarnation of the Saviour Lord as by Indian Myth). This is to emphasis the fact that she is the creator, she is the destroyer as well she is the saviour of all of us the living creatures.

Mother in this picture is portrayed as demising an Asura(personification of evil),which conveys the message to the mankind that mother never let any form of evil to exist.

This picture portrays mother as DhakshinaMoorthy(Lord of Wisdom as by Indian Myth). This Portrayal very well conveys the purpose of mother's incarnation as His Holiness Shri Bangaru Adigalaar. This portrayal gives the message that mother is guru,Guru is Mother.

This portrayal has the significance of picturing mother as the lady of curing medical ailments.This posture of mother is the most commonly worshipped deity.This portrayal is same as the Mother of Health as described in the Western World.
This portrayal shows mother as Alagar(Incarnation of Lord Saviour as Horse Rider) to show the equality mother emphasises on.

In this Portrayal mother has been decorated as Lord Balaji a profound deity of India.This decoration has been made in accordance with the mass appeal of the wholesome mankind.

The significant part of this festival his litting of agandam (a flake submerged in oil kept in mud container) by His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar in Arul nilai. Everyone is allowed to pour oil to the lamp without any difference. This lamp burns on through out the nine days of the festival. This holy oil has behaved as medicine for many ailments.

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