A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

Mantra is divinity. The word Mantra literally means deep thought, prayer, meditation etc.,. The word mantra is derived from two fragments "Man" and "Tra" which mean "to think" and "to liberate" respectively. This could be interpreted as the one that saves human from cycles of births and deaths. Mantras are words of power. They are thought of movement with sound as its vehicle and possessing power. They are sound of manifestation of the deity whose reality the devotee is able to grasp through repeated recital. Constant repetition of mantras with faith, devotion and purity augments the sakthi or the power of the aspirant and bestows on the aspirant illumination, peace, eternal bliss and immortality.

Mantras are mostly misconceived by common as 'Prayers' or 'Praises' or 'some form of worship'. Mantra is Power (Mantra-Shakti), which lends Itself impartially to Its use. As 'mind' is an aspect of Energy, the 'thought' is a projection of mind. Thought has power and is only as powerful as the strength of coherence of mind. That's why 'Concentration' or 'Dharana' is part of Ashtaangaa Yoga so that the energy field of mind is focused to function like a collimated light 'laser'. Speech and actions are manifestation of mind's project - Thoughts. All that we see, hear, feel, taste and smell are different manifestations of One Energy. In physical science, some of the characteristics that differentiates these energy levels are frequency, wavelength and pitch. Thus the human ear audible range in the medium of air is approximately 20 Hz to 20 KHz. A sound with frequency outside this range can't be heard by human beings. Similarly visible light is a spectrum (range) of electromagnetic waves that can be seen by human eye. Outside this range, our eyes can't see. Example, microwaves and radio waves can't be sensed by our physical organs.

Mantras are vocal manifestations of Shabda (Sound) of Creative Force as heard by Evolved Yogis and Rishis through their sixth instrument - Mind. What can't be heard or seen or felt by our physical organs of ear, eyes, nose, tongue and body, we can do so by our 6th sense organ of 'Mind - Manas'. One stage in spiritual evolution is to atune our mind to be able to hear and see outside our physical range. Thus the Bija (Seed) Mantra 'Ram' (pronounced as rum) is the representation of sound of fire heard by Yogis. Likewise, 'Vam' (pronounced similar to 'come')is the Bija Mantra of motion of water and 'Lam' is that of earth (pritvi).

So, Mantras are letters and sound associated with them as closest representative (Pratika) of Shabda of creative cosmic forces or energies sensed by evolved souls like Yogis and Rishis. They devised and delivered specific Mantras so that we can use them for our spiritual evolution and God Realization (Self-Realization). Repetition of mantras with dedicated focus of mind on their meaning or Artha and sound or Shabda helps us move closer to the Self.

Our Loga Mahaa Avataar Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar, who is a living embodiment of The Supreme Universal Energy AadhiParaaShakti gave the following Moola Mantra (Origin or Seed Mantra) being in the transcendental state. This mantra can be recited at any time, any place, under any circumstances by anyone irrespective of religion, gender, caste, age, nationality or any other differentiating factor. In its essence, this moola mantra is not connected to any particular deity. It directly connects to the Origin, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Energy - AadhiParaaShakti through its consecreted Energy at Melmaruvathoor (Maruvoor), appealing as remover of samskaaras (effects of past actions) and ruler (controller) of six folded world desires. Each of these appeals begin with the Pranava (Primordial) Mantra OM.

Om Sakthiye! ParaaSakthiye!
Om Sakthiye! AadhiParaaSakthiye!
Om Sakthiye! Maruvoor Arasiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Vinaayaka!
Om Sakthiye! Om Kaamaatchiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Pangaaru Kaamaatchiye!

Mantras are available with different aims and objectives. Every mantra is presided by deity. Mantras shall mostly be of the form of praise and appeal to the deities, craving for help, mercy and salvation. To attain maximum benefits of chanting mantras, the recital must be with proper pronouncing and by knowing the meaning.

When you recite mantras with deep concentration you become SAKTHI yourself

- Amma's Oracle.

His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar in divine state has made three atheist scholars to write all the mantras. In her oracles mother has specified that chanting of mantras loudly by a group of devotees practised in mass prayers would activate spiritual vibrations and influence the body, soul and mind of every individual there. While an individual is to chat mantras he or she is advised to do it in state of mouna (silence) without even articulating the tongue or vocal chord etc.,

One who recites a particular mantra for 14 years without any break definitely gets benefited. If one recites 1008 and 108 mantras in Brahma Muhurtas (generally 3:00 AM - 6:00 AM) of a day regularly for 1008 days he and his descendants come under my protection.

- Amma's Oracle.

The collection of mantras found in the holy book named book of mantras published by ACMEC Trust, Melmaruvathur is enriched with the power of the mantras that has been dictated by Mother Adhiparasakthi in her oracles through His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar in Arulnilai (divine state). The most significant feature of the mantras dictated by mother Adhiparasakthi through Adigalaar is that each mantra is padded with "OM" at the beginning and at the end. The Power of the syllable "OM" is well known and hence these mantras have immense of power in them.

Once if anyone starts chanting these mantras abiding all the above said methods the benefits he gains would be improved concentration, control over mind, evolution hastened soul progress and the most important peace of mind.

When 1008 and 108 mantras in my praise are chanted all the Angels come to hear and enjoy them. As a result of joy they give rains.

- Amma's Oracle.

The writing of mantras also have significance as chanting. The rules for writing mantras are as follows.

  • Take bath before writing.

  • Write OmSakthi 108 times daily.

  • Maintain the timing and place to be the same.

  • The posture of writing should be maintained.

  • Silence must be observed.

  • Adigalaar may be fixed in mind.

Mantras chanted with great care and devotion shall reward in numerous ways. Chanting the mantras generates potent spiritual waves or divine vibrations. The sufferings of the receptor is eradicated due to the vibrations caused by the mantras. Chanting the mantras refresh the physical and astral bodies of the recitor. No constraints has been specified by His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar for people who recite the mantras. Whoever is interested in raising themselves spiritually could recite it and could enjoy the benefits of chanting the mantras.

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