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Karma : Karma is a Sanskrit (Ancient Indian Language) word that signifies action or deed. Any physical or mental action is karma. One's karma is the sum total of one's thoughts and deeds, both in the present life and in the past lives. Karma means not only the action, but also the result of such actions. The consequence of an action is really not a separate thing. It is part of the action, and cannot be excluded from it.
The Law of Karma : The Law of Karma means the law of causation. The seed is a cause for the tree, which is the effect. The tree produces seeds and becomes the cause for the seeds. The cause is found in the effect and the effect is the cause. The effect is similar to the cause. This is the universal chain of cause and effect, which has no end.
No link in the chain is unnecessary. This world runs on this fundamental vital law. This law is merciless and immutable. This law operates everywhere in the physical and mental planes. No one can escape from the operation of this mighty law. All other laws of nature are subordinate to this fundamental law.

"Seed! Karma! It is the seed that is sowed on the land. The land doesn't go in search of seed. Likewise, the person with karma should approach God. Never expect God to approach them.."

- Amma's Oracle

The explanation based on the law of Karma will be helpful only if one accepts the validity of the law fully. In a world that is purposive, every morally significant event of the present should have a morally significant antecedent condition leading to it just as it is the case in the physical realm in a mechanically conceived Universe. Acceptance of the principle of Law of Karma is helpful for the humanity as a whole to come to terms with the ups and downs in our lives. To insist on knowledge of those particular acts of the past for which we suffer or enjoy now, is to ask for a type of memory that would be our perdition. If one were to remember all incidents and associations of one's past lives, one would be reduced to a state of extreme wretchedness.

Even the memories of all incidents of this present life is enough to cause havoc to our mental health. Effacement of particular memories is one of the devices by which nature protects the human psyche. You need not ask for the eradication of this protective layer of forgetfulness. It is enough if we accept that the present is the result of the past.

"In future, I will make certain souls to be born on this earth with the complete memories of their past, so that they can consciously continue from where they left "

- Amma's Oracle

Over and above the understanding that can be had by resorting to law of karma, we have to cultivate a sense of resignation to a Higher Will to attain peace as the last resort, the operation of which we do not understand. The law of Karma is an attempt in terms of law of causation and effect easily understandable by the humanity. As we cannot fathom the depth of the cosmic will, the more discreet path way is to resign to it rather than to challenge it.

The Law of Action and Reaction : If there is an action, there must be a reaction. The reaction will be of equal force and of similar nature. Every thought, desire, imagination and sentiment causes reaction. Virtue brings its own reward; vice brings its own suffering. This the working law of reaction.

All the good and evil habits, thoughts, and deeds are embedded in the subconscious mind and are transferred to every physical body in its future births. He / She brings his/her own karma and starts the same life. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. One should understand and remember this law. The one will not dare to indulge in wrong actions.

"Dear Son, Just like one's shadow follows, the karma will follow each and everyone. All of you should understand this and act accordingly "

- Amma's Oracle

God neither punishes the wicked nor rewards the virtuous. It is their own karma that brings reward and suffering. It is the law of action and reaction that governs the events from birth to death of every life form. The law operates everywhere with ruthless precision and accuracy. This law operates in both the physical and mental plane including astral plane.

Even the Great Spiritual Masters such as Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna, and Mohammed couldn't escape it. Jesus Christ accepted the most suffering and painful death, only to let the reaction be done with the cause of all sins that He cleansed off His devotees and took them on Himself. He had to negate the effect of those sins only by undergoing the suffering. That is the reason, Christians say, "Jesus died for you". It is true. Similar event happened with Lord Krishna who let Himself bleed to death. Only by suffering such a painful death, did He cleanse off the effects of all those killings that happened during Mahaa Bhaarath war.

The Law of Compensation : The law of compensation operates everywhere. The seed breaks and a plant come out of it. The plant grows into a tree. There is no loss in seed. When wood coming out of the tree is used for firewood, the wood gets destroyed but heat comes out of it. The heat is used for cooking food for many, thus the heat is consumed. This is the law of compensation. The analogy is the Law of Conservation of Energy in science. If there are ten evil personalities, there will be two divine personalities to bring this compensation. The law of compensation keeps up the balance and establishes the equilibrium, peace and harmony in the nature. No one can defy this relentless and irresistible law.

"Even the slightest pleasure that one enjoys at one place, results to be a cause for an equivalent sorrow in another place. This is a law of the nature."

- Amma's Oracle

If you take an individual life as an isolated event that begins with the birth of the physical body and terminates with death, you cannot find any correct explanation for the ups and downs in this life. The present life is nothing when compared with the total length of the soul life. It is a mere fragment. Whenever you want to find out the cause of the antecedent for anything, you will have to go deep into the Karma of the whole soul's life. Then alone you can appreciate the perfect balance of cause and effect, antecedent and consequence. You will have to judge from the broad perspective of the whole soul-life. Life does not end with this physical body alone. There has been countless births also, not to mention of the future births.

The Law of Retribution : Every wrong action/thought or crime attracts its own punishment in accordance with the Law of Retribution. The law of causation, the law of action and reaction, the law of compensation and the law of retribution - all operate together. He who robs another person, robs himself first. He who hurts another man, hurts himself first. He who cheats another, cheats himself first.

"I have come here now as a janitor to clean all your bad karma. Adigalaar is the only Guru who can salvage your karma."

- Amma's Oracle

Remember that God is neither partial nor unjust. Remember that God is not responsible for the wealth of the man or the poverty of another. You suffer on account of your own past evil actions. Things do not happen in this universe by accident or chance in a disorderly manner. They happen in a regular succession. They follow each other in a regular order. There is a certain definite connection between what you do now and what will happen to you in future. So always think good, speak good, and do good, which will ensure a good future.

How karma is fashioned : Man is three fold in his nature. It consists of Iccha, Gnana, and Kriya. Iccha is desire or feeling. Gnana is knowledge. Kriya is action. These three fashion one's karma. Behind every action, there are desire and thought. A desire for an object arises in the mind. Then one thinks how to get it. Then one exerts to possess it. Desire, thought and action always go together. They are the three threads as it were that are twisted into the cord of karma. Desire produces karma. You exert to acquire the object of desire. Karma produces its fruits as pain or pleasure. One has to take births after births to reap the fruits of karma.

Destiny - Self Efforts and Spiritual Awakening : If one can understand the true causes of karma, then one can endeavor to change the prarabdha (that portion of past karma which is responsible for the present style of life) and aagamiya (that portion of the karma in present life and the balance of previous karma) karma as mentioned below: Prarabdha karma refers to the joys, sorrows, etc of the present life which is only a fraction of the results of all your actions in the previous births. Have a new angle of vision. Arm yourself with cheerfulness, discernment, alacrity, and undaunted spirit.

"I have hidden your history (soul's life history which includes all previous lives). When I assign you a work or ask you to do certain charity or service, do them without questioning. For, you do not know what I am cleansing off you."

- Amma's Oracle

You can diminish the harmful effects with your will and determination. You can modify destiny. Destiny is your creation. You have created your own destiny through desire, thoughts, and actions in past lives. You can mitigate or undo the same by right thinking, right action and steady mind. Thus you can modify destiny with purity of mind, enforced by sincere penitence, austerity, believing in the existence of and deep devotion to AdhiParaSakthi. With spiritual practices such as meditation and service to humanity, awakening occurs and its inseparable connection with the Supreme Being is understood.

Either in this birth or in the births to follow, the spiritual practices are strengthened further to achieve the ultimate object of Mukthi (Being united with AdhiParaSakthi).

The above processes which include meditation, chanting of mantras, conducting yagnas, doing selfless service, etc., will help one not only to understand the ups and downs in life, but also, to face, endure, and accept the difficult periods and to erase all the bad karma with Greater Divine Grace.

How is Destiny Built Up : Thought is karma. Thoughts mold one's character. If one allows the mind to dwell in good thoughts, one will develop a noble character. If one entertains evil thoughts, one will develop a base character. This is the immutable law of nature. Therefore one can shape the character by cultivating good thoughts. You sow an action and reap a habit. You sow a character and reap your destiny. Hence destiny is your own making. You can undo the dark aspect of it, by changing your mode of erroneous thinking by having noble thoughts and virtuous actions.

Divine Mother AdhiParaSakthi's Preaching to conquer the destiny : Our Divine Mother in the form of His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar has the power to change the fate of Her devotees as per her oracle:

"Dear Son, In general, I let you undergo your karma. However, I undertake the ultimate work of changing your destiny only when you surrender to me completely and do service as I ordain with unshakable faith and belief in Me."

- Amma's Oracle

This oracle is a strong statement boasting of Amma's power to change our karma, and condition on us to be deserving of it.

The content in this page are the excerpts from book "Spiritual Guru" authored by Sakthi R Govindaraju, who wrote it on Amma's command, when he approached Amma for a cure of his parkinson's disease. Govindaraju, on completion of this book found himself cured completely and now lives a normal life.

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