A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

GURU : "GU" means ignorance. "RU" means that which eliminates ignorance. When I hear or think of the word “Guru”, I am wordless to describe it. If anyone had asked me the question “Who is a Guru? Or What does Guru mean?” 20 years back, my answer would have been completely synonymous to text book explanations and dictionary renderings. Now after being under the embrace of the Loga Mahaa Guru Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar, my perception and understanding of “Guru” is to the true essence of its inner core. Adigalaar is not a scholarly person giving eloquent speeches and discourses on spiritual topics. Neither does he explain the Spiritual or God Consciousness through metaphysical terms and analogies. Nor does he teach yogaasana, or explicitly gives deeksha for certain group of people called “disciples”. Millions of people who flock to Melmaruvathur claim Adigalaar as their personal Guru. Not just a namesake claim. Adigalaar fondly called as 'Amma' by his devotees never gives stage talks, instead he always talks 1:1 with each individual or family. Amma talks to and guides everyone on individual basis. The guidance is first for individual's or family's worldly life into which is intertwined the spiritual message. He delivers instructions in his devotee's dreams. He appears as a stranger in your way and gives his message to alleviate your problems, wherever you are. The ways in which he provides guidance, directions and instructions is innumerable and are beyond our imaginations.

Me and my family visit Melmaruvathur every year during in the first week of March and be there on 3rd March (Amma's Birthday Celebration) . On March 3rd, Amma gives Public Dharshan to more than 200,000 people in one day, all of them individually getting to see Him. This event goes on for whole day, when people stand in line more around 2 miles long. As a social service, We arrange for distributing cold drinks, water, buttermilk, icecream, etc to people waiting in the line. We spend a lot of money in this service activity. On March 4th, 1997 Amma called me and my wife and casually talked about worldly things (This is how Amma always begins the conversation, just to make us feel at ease). Then He went on to ask "How much are you earning?". I was stunned at that question, but answered his question. The next question was "How much have you saved so far?" Now I got little bit uneasy, but still answered the question. He then said, "Have you forgotten that you have two daughters? You have to get them good education, get them married and settle them well. Why are you throwing your money here in the temple (Siddhar Peetam)?". I got little bit easy and replied, "Amma! I am only spending the money in service activities i.e. Anna Dhaana (Food donation). Why are you saying I am throwing money here?" Amma laughed aloud and said with a smile "You will need money even to spread spiritual consciousness in the future. I have marked the Line. You pave the path on It. People will follow. So,for now, save your earnings, get your daughters settled and keep you prepared for future spiritual work."

This is a very practical, but forward looking guidance that Amma gave me. I realized how Amma was instructing me to complete my worldly duty to the family but at the same time guiding to prepare for future spiritual endeavor. Spiritual endeavor doesn't necessarily mean sitting in a secluded place and meditating or doing poojas. Amma says "Don't make spirituality a serious matter. Make it part of your life, and experience spiritual consciousness in everyday life."

We experienced a similar account during Amma's visit to USA in 2000. As the organizer of Amma's first and only visit todate to USA in 2000, I had the great opportunity of travelling with Amma and His family during the entire trip. Accepting the yearning invitation from people, Adigalar Amma visited homes of several devotees in all the states that Amma stepped on. While in New Jersey, as a last stop before entering Pennsylvania, Adigalar Amma went to an American couple's home. They were middle aged and totally engrossed in spirituality - the Hindu way. i.e. They had the portraits of all Hindu Gods, Goddesses, and Gurus in their prayer room. Surprisingly their prayer room was much more authentic than even many of ours - the people of Indian origin. As Adigalar Amma entered their home, both husband and wife performed Paadha Pooja I don't remember the women's name, but the man had changed his name to that of an Indian name Manmohan Singh or something of that sort. Amma after giving arathi in their prayer (pooja) room, sat in a sofa and started talking to them. Me and another Shakti Gnanavel were translating whatever Amma said to the couple. Very interestingly, as we were translating, we came to know that the man was a cardiologist and he had given up his medical practice profession several years back to pursue spiritual progress and self-realization. Adigalar Amma did several miracles in their house. One of them was He asked the lady to go near each portrait they had in their pooja room, smell, and come tell Him what the smell was. Each time the women came back saying "It smells like jasmine. It smells like lavendar, It smells like sandalwood, and so on." Amma after giving several instructions, said to the man "Leaving your noble medical profession and pursuing spiritual consciousness will not get you anywhere. You have come on this earth to save lives and that's why you chose your career in cardiology. You must continue your medical practice and keep your spiritual sadhana (practice) simultaneously. With your profession you serve others. That's more important than praying and meditation. Without you performing your prescribed duty, you will not be able to achieve spiritual progress. For you God is in that service you do to your patients. So, go back to your medical practice. Come and see me in Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam and I will provide further guidance to both of your spiritual practice." The couple were stunned and looked happily surprised. Their words, "I have met several Gurus and Swamijis who have come from different parts of India and the World. But none had portrayed the Divinity that Adigalar Amma showed today to us. Pinnacle of it all is the fact He instructed me to go back to my medical practice. I did not hear this from anyone else. Others gave me mantras, rituals to perform and taught yoga for my spiritual evolution. But here I meet a Guru who did none of those, but digged deep into our life path even without us telling Him and guides us so practically." Amma says "Don't make spirituality a serious matter. Make it part of your life, and experience spiritual consciousness in everyday life."

A Guru is free from lust, anger, greed, egoism, hatred, jealousy and selfishness. He will have self-restraint. He will be balance minded, tolerant, patience, forgiving and extremely wise. He not only will have immense knowledge of the practices of yoga, but can show you the right path in spirituality. Whenever required, he can extend the rope of knowledge, lifting one up from getting fully immersed in this earthly existence. The Guru is a positive link between God and the mortal.

A Guru is an Enlightened One whose Soul has completed the evolutionary cycle and become one with The Supreme Energy – AadhiParaaShakti , for, it is only such a person who can exhibit unconditional love and compassion to all life forms, be the knower of the past, present and future of souls as He transcends the barriers of time, space and object, be the seer of all happenings. It is ONLY these Souls, that descend into an earthly form that can proclaim “I am the Way” like Lord Krishna, and J esus Christ. The Supreme Universal Energy descending into a physical form on earth is called “Avatar”. In comparison to this is ascension, which Yogis and Rishis who practice Ashtaanga Yoga (Ashta – Eight; Anga – Fold or Steps; Ashtaanga Yoga means Eightfold path to Union with God), or Mantra, Tantra, Yantra techniques to ascend their Jeevaatma (The image of Supreme Energy residing in our physical body – The Soul) to reach Samaadhi (Conscious returnable death) State or Bliss to become one with AadhiParaaShakti.

In the past, Lords Krishna and Christ were the only ones as portrayed in Bhagavad Gita and The Holy Bible, to have proclaimed “I am The Way. I am The Light”. Obviously it was due to the fact that The Supreme Universal Energy – AadhiParaaShakti had manifested Itself with full awareness and consciousness of the Source, yet being in time, space and object boundary. So, It had the rights and eligibility to call “I am” to claim them as the ‘Way’ and ‘Light’. Every incarnation of the Supreme Universal Energy (Soul) whose followers later created religions after Them, have strongly emphasized on ONE GOD. Krishna - one of the prominent but earliest incarnation ever known to the humankind said:

"Aham atma gudakesa
aham adi ca mandhyam ca
bhutanam anta eva" ca

"I am the Supreme Soul, O Arjuna seated in the heart of all living beings. I am the Beginning, the Middle, and the End of all beings."
-Bhagavad Gita Ch:10, Text 20

Jesus Christ, another Incarnation of Supreme Energy, after whom the religion of Christianity emanated said:

"I am the Light of the World. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life."
-John 8:12, The Holy Bible

In our life time now, we have noticed that Shri Bangaru Adigalar exhibits the characteristics and behaviors even above Krishna, Christ and Buddha. We are convinced that He is She and She is He. Why do we say "We are noticed and we are convinced". Because Adigalar Amma doesn't claim to be anything of that sort. In fact, all that He says about Himself is "I am a Tho'ti. Tho'tikkum Tho'ti. (Tho'ti = One who does janitorial work). I am a Janitor. Janitor of a Janitor." If the word “Guru” is to be used in its classical sense of “Spiritual or Higher Teacher”, then we must find another word or coin a new one to describe who Adigalaar is, for the word Guru then will be far less befitting The Beloved Son of AadhiParaaShakti.

"You don't have to do anything. Just hold on to His (Adigalaar) feet. It is His responsibility to make you reach the shore. "

- Amma's Oracle

God descends as an enlightened soul on the earth to impart divine knowledge for uplifting as many souls as possible. His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar known popularly as "Amma" (meaning Mother), is the ultimate Guru sent by God thyself. For those who know Amma, they believe that God Herself has taken the human form to be our Guru.

TO BE A GURU : Mere theoretical knowledge does not make one a Guru. A Guru possesses tremendous divine powers. Generally, a Guru does not exhibit any miracle just for the sake of declaring his/her ability or greatness. Sometimes, however, they may do so in order to convince the aspirants of the existence of SUPREME POWER and instill faith in them. God sends an enlightened soul to this earth to infuse faith in the SUPREME BEING and to promote spirituality. A Guru is the human ideal of perfection.

THE NECESSITY FOR A GURU : To light a candle, you need a burning candle, likewise, an illuminated soul can enlighten another soul. Not only to learn meditation, not only to learn mantras, not only to learn one's religion, but to be able to discriminate between right and wrong, to love each and every living being, and to take life easy as it comes to us, a Guru is absolutely necessary.

Here, Guru Adigalaar, claims that service to humanity is one good way of attaining rapid spiritual progress. Guru can, according to the need of the occasion, perform miracles. In many occasions, Guru Adigalaar, has shown that to the world. People who are closely acquainted to the temple of Melmaruvathur (situated in Tamilnadu, India), can give the details and innumerable instances. For a finite set of such miraculous events, please go to our miracles page.

Adigalaar transmits the divine bliss to the world in various ways. First of all, his very presence radiates bliss and creates a blissful atmosphere. Young and old, literate and illiterate, worldly-minded or devout, people afflicted by sorrow and anxiety or otherwise, all alike feel relaxed and happy the very moment they come within His enchanting circle. Above all, He is not clad in any special attire. He looks simple. He has set a totally different trend. Anyway, seeing and experiencing for one's own self is worth trying.

HOW TO CHOOSE A GURU : One who is able to clear one's doubts, one who is sympathetic in your spiritual practice, one who does not disturb your beliefs but helps you from where you stand, in whose presence you feel spiritually elated - He/She is your Guru. One who recognizes his/her Guru early in life is a blessed soul.

Having chosen a Guru, it would be a wise decision to stick to one Guru. Out of curiosity, one might wander from one Guru to another, this will only slow down one's spiritual progress, causing a lot of confusion. Focusing on one Guru and his spiritual teachings, is sure to bring rapid progress. The Guru will find out by close study of his disciple, his tastes, temperaments, capacity, and spiritual maturity and decide the most suitable path for him. Now, knowing the disciple very well, the Guru can initiate or tear the veil of ignorance or Maaya and enables the disciples to have the knowledge of spirituality and appropriate spiritual practices.

"In this life, if you want to realize and reach Me, you can do so only through my Baalagan (Beloved Son) Bangaaru Adigalaar."

- Amma's Oracle

TRANSFERENCE OF POWER BY A GURU (DEEKSHA) : This refers to spiritual awakening or enlightenment caused by a Guru to his devotee. Just as one can give an orange to a man, so can spiritual power be transmitted by a Guru to a devotee. In this, a certain spiritual vibration of the Guru is actually transferred to the soul of the disciple. There are seven such methods - Deekshas.


The disciple should not rest satisfied with the transmission of power from the Guru. One should struggle hard in spiritual practice for further perfection and attainments. When Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa touched Swami Vivekananda, he felt super conscious experience. But he had to struggle seven more years to attain perfection. The Guru alone will know the disciple's needs. The disciple should keenly follow the Guru's Upadesham . Do not go to a Guru with any pre-conceived notion or prejudice. Give up egoism, approach humbly and respectfully. Ask for clarification whenever needed. Then the Guru's blessings are sure to be gotten.

HOW TO SEEK THE BLESSINGS OF GURU : Do not go with any pre-conceived notion or prejudice. Go with an open, receptive mind. Go without expectations. Give up egoism, approach humbly, and respectfully. When you go, do not ask questions out of mere inquisitiveness. Listen to the Guru without any prejudice. Ask only pertinent questions about which you need clarification. When one happens to get the opportunity of getting the Darshan (in simple words, to be able to see) of Guru Adigalaar, just remember Amma's Oracles. How can there be an alternative for God's words? Even at the mere sight of the Guru one will be inspired at once, and elevated spiritually. One will be relieved of pain and sorrow immediately.

Performing Guru Pooja once a year has a lot of significance. Performing pooja, doing Paada Pooja for Guru Adigalaar on March 3, every year has a lot more significance. Such families are known to prosper to a great extent. To have Adigalaar as our family Guru is not something that happened just like that, it is something we have achieved for our past doings.


ADIGALAAR, GURU, GOD : Being inseparably united with God, which is nothing but bliss absolute, Adigalaar has become the very embodiment of Divine Bliss. One ordinary boy Bangaaru was chosen by God to be the Guru for this world. But Guru Adigalaar is, "none other than ME," says AMMA in Her Oracles. AMMA in her Oracle states, "Adigalaar is my Son and nobody can even imagine what powers He has. His words are My words, not only in Oracles but in day to day life too." Simple His attire, ordinary his speech, no ordinary man would believe that He is the reincarnation of Goddess AdhiParaSakthi. An ordinary man becomes a Guru, A Guru we realize to be GOD.

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