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"Service and Devotion are the Eyes of Spirituality" 
"Spirituality is knowing, understanding and realizing Thyself" 

... Amma's Oracle 

A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

Adigalar Birthday
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    This website name "SakthiOlhi" is composed of two distint words, 'Sakthi' and 'Olhi'. 'Sakthi' means Energy. For a Hindu, in spiritual sense, 'Sakthi' is synonymous to Goddess, i.e. the feminine aspect of God. 'Olhi' means Light. So, "SakthiOlhi" could represent either Energy of Light or Light of Energy. Either way, it means Light of Mother Goddess. As the name implies the purpose of this website is to shed the Shakti Light on its readers to illuminate their knowledge for spiritual progress. The eternal quest to know and experience the origin of creation and life along with our ability to adapt to changes are the two primary characteristics (gunas) that enabled human species evolve from old stone age to where we are today. Our evolution has been possible only through our growing knowledge in all aspects of our life, be it any form of physical, chemical, mathematical, and social sciences, medicine, art, music, etc. God consciousness is no exception to it. In the beginning as man wandered without cloth, living under trees, hunting for food, his thirst for doing better enabled the cave life and lead to the discovery of fire, dressing in leaves, and later with animal hides. Among the millions of species on this earth, none other than human has been fortunate to experience this evolution through knowledge growth. As our scientific community continues to postulate different theories on cause of this evolution in human beings, I have been blessed with a unique aspect of the knowledge in Spiritual Science by the Grace of my eternal Guru Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar of Melmaruvathoor, Tamil Nadu, India. This spiritual science gives another dimension fuelling the thought to succeed in our quest for knowledge on creation, evolution and everything we refer to as God.  

Guru Bangaru Adigalar

    Our Guru Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar turned 71 years in 2011 and lives in His Divine Abode in the village of Melmaruvathur in Southern State of Tamil Nadu, India. He is married to Srimathi Lakshmi Amma and has two sons and two daughters, who are all married now and thus the family is extended with grandchildren. Our Guru Adigalaar is fondly addressed as 'Amma', meaning 'Mother', as the Primordial Supreme Universal Energy AadhiParaaShakti has incarnated in Him as Her symbolic of Motherly Nourishment and Love to humanity. At Melmaruvathur AadhiParaaShakti Siddhar Peetam, there is no room for religion or caste or gender or any such discrimination. Look at the picture below where Amma - Adigalaar is giving Aarathi to Annai AadhiParaaShakti decorated as Mother Mary on 25th December 2008 marking the celebration of Christmas - The birth of Lord Jesus Christ. If not for the Primordial Universal Supreme Energy Itself descended as Adigalaar, who else in this world has the mind and courage to decorate a hindu deity as a Christian deity and offer prayings.

    If not for a manifestation of Divinity in Its fullest and complete form as Adigalaar, who else could have made possible a silent, but a profound revolution of breaking so many dogmas and barriers of religious believes such as not allowing women and people of all castes & creed to enter the very Sanctum Sanctorum (Karuvarai or Moolasthaanam) and do pooja rituals to the Mother AadhiParaaShakti. No political agenda, no stage speeches or discourses, never published any books, such a silent spiritual revolution. This itself is a grand proof of His powers. When you visit Melmaruvathur or come across any red-clad devotee, one would notice the abundance of spiritual knowledge and pure love and affection for Amma flowing freely. No matter if the person is literate, rich or poor, whatever caste he/she belongs to. All such man made barriers have been completely shattered and path to reach the Mother shown to millions just by maintaining Mouna - Silence. What a brilliant exposition of the Power. Yet a simple family Man with no paraphernalia around. Even when news media in the beginning years, wrote all kinds of rumors about Him/Her, S(H)e maintained complete silence without any rebuking statements. Result of which we see today, the same media flocks to Melmaruvathur now and waits in line to get His/Her Dharshan.

Adhiparasakthi as Mother Mary

    As I read The Holy Bible and started meditating on verses which were not easily comprehendible, many new explanations started to dawn in my mind. I have reproduced some of the Bible verses down here along with Amma's Oracles that sound very similar in meaning. It is my personal conclusion based on these similarities that the Primordial Supreme Universal Energy (AdhiParaSakthi), who was referred to by Lord Jesus Christ as "The Holy Father" has descended down from its Pure and Perfect State to this earthly plane (Incarnated) in the form of Her Beloved Son Shri Bangaru Adigalar. Adigalar Amma does not claim anything of that sort. It is an individual Baktha's (devotee's) perception.

"And lo a voice from heaven saying, This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."
- Matthew 3:17 The Holy Bible
" Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me. Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father"
- John 13:9 The Holy Bible
"Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works."
- John 13:10 The Holy Bible
Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake."
- John 13:11 The Holy Bible
"I have incarnated as My Beloved Son Bangaaru Adigalaar. His physical body belongs to his earthly parents. His soul is Mine. None can understand the depth of this aspect. I will be Him. He will be Me."
- Amma's Oracle.
"The knowledge and wisdom of all Gurus and Saints in this world is not equivalent even to a speck of dust on my little toe nail. To awaken the spiritual consciousness even in common people, 'I' myself have incarnated now as Adigalaar."
- Amma's Oracle.
"All the miracles of curing diseases, making the blind see, lame walk, giving life to the dead and performing sithu (making things both living and non-living beings appear in thin air) is only to make you understand that 'I' am in Him (Bangaru Adigalar) and 'He' is in Me."
- Amma's Oracle.
"Only because Adigalaar has evolved and reached the state of non-differentiating between good and bad, right and wrong, dead and alive, diseased and healthy, rich and poor, men and women, low and high caste,.., that 'I' have chosen Him to reveal Myself in this world today."
- Amma's Oracle

    Adigalar Amma has always been humble to say that He is only a Servant of People. For past 5 decades Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar has been doing the magnificent work of awakening spiritual consciousness through self-less service, promoting true bhakti (love of divinity). He has revolutionized the age old Hindu practices and superstitions by imparting the ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom to millions around the world. Adigalaar has never given a speech or discourse in the public all these years but as one approaches Him, just by the Aura of His presence, one gets that spiritual knowledge and peace of mind immediately. It is like the divine energy being transmitted through some form of magnetic field. In His presence, all our mental worries vanish like heat clearing the fog. S(H)E does not travel around the world giving discourses and preaching religion. Instead S(H)E simply stays in the Temple - AdhiParaSakthi Siddhar Peetam, Melmaruvathoor, India where millions flock to get His dharshan and talk to Him. S(H)E talks to each and every visitor individually. S(H)E does not run ashrams or Gurukulam. Instead S(H)E runs various social service and charitable institutions like elementary and high schools for poor children, colleges that offer programs in various disciplines of arts, science and technology, hospital and research center to provide FREE healthcare to every patient. S(H)E does not teach Veda, Gita, Upanishads, Holy Bible, Quoran, or any theology. Instead, what S(H)E says is becoming a new Veda, which will become a new Holy Bible in the future. Like Krishna imparted Bhagavad Gita to one person called Arjuna, Adigalaar is imparting the spiritual wisdom to millions at a time.

   If you are hearing about Guru Adigalar Amma for the first time now, it is a grand proof that in past 68 years of His existance now, He hasn't sought any publicity or went around the world selling spirituality. However He repeatedly says, "Search for spiritual consciousness is too strong in the Western World. But for lack of good Gurus, there is not enough or true progress." This website is our humble tribute to a Great Evolved Soul incarnated as Bangaaru Adigalaar whom we are blessed as The Guiding Light. When we sat in front of Amma in August 1995 to hear Oracle (Arul Vaakku) in the Putru Mandapam (Snake Pit Hall), Siddhar Peetam, Melmaruvathoor, India, the very first words were “Son! You sitting in front of me today and hearing this Oracle is not an accident or coincidence. It is a reward for penance and worships you performed in previous lives.” The Oracle, which was a miraculous experience continued that day to reveal many truths about my life journey and the purpose. We will write them in a separate article later. Sure, Great Souls and Incarnations like Adigalaar neither seek nor need publicity through websites like this. However, we feel that it is a moral responsibility of each and everyone who have come in close encounter with Adigalaar to pave the path for rest of the world to experience the same. Hence, this website to share my experiences, conversations with Adigalaar and spread the spiritual knowledge gained through years of my association with Loga Maha Guru. 

Aum! Amen! Amin!
Vaazhga Valamudan!
Asalaamu Alaykum!

    This informative site is dedicated at the Lotus Feet of our Eternal Guru His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar - The Beloved Son.

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