A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

The festivals are organized for the noble cause to bring the human community closer and share its joy and merry with fellow human. Every festival that is being celebrated on earth has the above said purpose or any other significance.

The festivals that are celebrated worldwide not only bring people together but also divert their mind from self living to service motivation. As people flock at Maruvathur every day to get darshan of His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar and give an appearance of celebration every day there are some special and important days that are really celebrated as festivals.

Chitra poornima

This Festival falls in the month of April/May as per Gregorian Calendar. As per Tamil(An ancient Language of India) Calendar, the month of this festival is Chithirai, which the festival is named after. This festival is celeberated on the full moon day of this month.

Birth day of His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar

This festival is celeberated on the 3rd of March every year with brimming enthusiasm and joy along side of hich is carried out is lot of social services.

Aadi Pooram

This festival is celeberated in the tamil month of Aadi, which corresponds to the gregorian calendar's July/August timeframe. Unlike other festivals at Melmaruvathur, this festival is celeberated for 2 days.


This grand festival of Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peedam is celeberated in the month of September/October which corresponds to the Tamil month of Purattasi. The 1st day after first new moon day of this month marks the beginning of this festival. The celebration spans 9 days with a three sets of 3 days each. Each set of three days is attributed to one of the Tri-Devis of Maheswari (Paarvathi), MahaaLakshmi and Saraswathi

Thai poosam

January/February is the month that sees this festival being celeberated. As all other festivals the name of this festival is coined from the name of the Tamil month Thai in which it is celeberated.

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