Adigalar Birthday


Golden Era in the World History :

March 3rd of 1941.

The Day in World History to be written in golden words.
A very simple appearance.
A loving expression.
A quick walk.

A white shirt, red dhoti (a long plain cloth wrapped around the body, from waist to feet, a popular form of apparel worn in tropical countries), with no jewels or any religious / cultural symbolic ornaments.

Not even any footwear.

This is the description of the simple Bangaaru Adigalaar fondly called as 'AMMA' meaning mother in Tamil language. But how many of us have realised that He is the very personification of the Mother Adhiparasakthi (for explanation of Adhiparasakthi please visit our home page)

Yes! The Infinite Power, The Supreme Being, The only Cosmic Source, keeps creating incarnations by Her powers, whenever human falters the rules and regulations and sinned more, when the world strides the chaotic path.


Birth History Of Bangaru Adigalar


The Early Years of Adigalaar

March 3rd 1941, is a golden day in the history of the world.

Yes, it was on this wonderful day, that at the simple home of Gopala Naicker family at Melmaruvathur, his wife Mrs. Meenaambaal gave birth to a boy baby. Among the millions of women on this earth, why was Mother Mary chosen to give birth to Christ? Among the millions of women, why was Devaki chosen to beget Krishna? Why was Mrs. Meenaambaal, a simple lady from the small hamlet of Melmaruvathur chosen to beget this Son of Her, Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar? Who would ever understand God's action? In Melmaruvathur, the Mr. Gopala Naicker's family was a very influential one. For all issues related to land, family, social and monetary matters, the village would turn around to them for arbitration. The judgment given by Mr.Duraiswamy Naicker or his son, Mr.Gopala Naicker would be the final. Such was the righteousness of their thought and deeds. The boy born for Mr. & Mrs. Gopala Naicker was named as 'Bangaaru'. Like any other child, Bangaaru was also playful. However, he portrayed some characteristics very different from other children. Unlike other kids, He carried wick and oil to light the lamps in the nearby temples. He was different from other children in showing great respect to sages visiting the village and He would insist His mother to offer food to them. If there was no food at home, He would collect food from neighbors and distribute to them. He would keenly listen to their spiritual discussions and exhibited extra-ordinary inquisitiveness in those matters.


"When dharmas (righteous deeds) of the world gives place to adharma (unrighteous deeds), I will be born there to restore righteousness and life continue without disruption."

- BhagavadGita.


Right from the young ages, He used to garland the statue of Annai Bhuvaneswari (An aspect of Hindu Goddess Sakthi) and sing devotional songs to Her like Amman Virutham and Meenakshi Kalivenbha. Whenever someone got chickenpox, He was called upon to sing devotional songs on Maari Amman (Goddess of Rain), which was found to cure. Always, the greatness of Incarnations in the past has been exposed to the world through some peculiar events. So was His Holiness Bangaaru's. Often times, when little Bangaaru was asleep a long cobra was found to be crawling and playing on and around the sleeping child. Looking at this sight, the child's father and mother just stood there, praying to God asking to protect the Child. Till this day there stands a Mari Amman Temple, just opposite to Adigalaar's home. His family, even now celebrates annual festivals in this Temple. In one of the annual festivals for Mari Amman, Bangaaru called His father as "My Son!" and uttered the following verses. "I am going to incarnate here through this Child's body and deliver Oracles to alleviate the people's sufferings." Bangaaru's father stood awestruck unable to believe the incident. The next second, Bangaaru, the little boy possessed with power of Sakthi, lifted the solid brass tray lying around and bent it with His tiny little hands, which even adults can't do. Seeing this, His father came to realize that it was not his son, but the Spirit of Holy Mother Herself.


"Adigalaar's body belongs to His maternal parents. But His soul belongs to me. There is no Him without Me. There is no Me without Him. He and I are one."- Amma's Oracle.


Divine Mother Quenched His Thirst Young Bangaaru's little sister died of small pox when He was a child. He was so much attached to His sister, that He would visit His sister's grave oftentimes, in evenings after school. One day, on returning back from school, He flung His school bag, filled the pockets of His shirt and trouser with peanuts and as usual visited his sister's grave. He sat by the side of it for a long time, eating the peanuts. He felt very thirsty and desperately looked for water around. Due to the heat of summer and having eaten dry peanuts, the thirst was so intense that He looked around and prayed for help. It was then that the miracle happened. The Divine Mother AdhiParaSakthi appeared as Uma Maheshwari in the form of an old lady and offered Holy water to Him and disappeared.

Transformation He started his elementary education in chothupakkam and completed his higher education in Achirupakkam. Then He joined Government Teacher Training School, where He was seen to circumambulate upwards in the staircase. He worked as an electrician, bus conductor, township contractor and finally settled as an elementary school teacher.
Even during His teacher-training period, He had often experienced inordinate states of trance, frenzy and fainting spells. At last he took up a teacher's job at Acharapaakkam school. As the Mother was gradually taking complete possession of Adigalaar, He was unable to understand the state of mind and body as He experienced it. He asked His colleagues at Acharapaakkam to visit the Temple at His place at least once. His colleagues who agreed to do so, half-heartedly saw that there was nothing in the form of a temple but only a small hut. Inside the hut there was the Swayambu. In the corner there was a small clay lamp. The hut was fenced with thorn shrubs surrounded by fields. This was how Siddhar Peedam was 20 years back.

His Family Life :

On September 4th 1968, Adigalaar got married to Ms Lakshmi, the ninth daughter of Mr. Venkataachala Naicker and Mrs. Vishalaakshi of Uthramerur (place in Southern State Tamilnadu, India). Adigalaar has two sons named Anbalakan and Senthil Kumar, and two daughters Umadevi and Sridevi. His special greatness lies in practicing spiritualism even as a family man. Adigalaar once said, "Buddha renounced His family and spread spiritualism. People blamed Him for it. Now I practice spiritualism as a family man, people blame me for it too. Either way of life, people find fault. This is the way of the world. Although, the Mother has involved Adigalaar in spiritualism, She has never, till this day, asked Him to renounce His family life. On the contrary, He loves and cares for His family ever more than an ordinary man. This has not affected His spiritual life in any way.

The Oracle :
He started His first Oracle in December 1970 on a Tuesday at about 1:00 AM. By His Oracle, He solved the problems of many who came to Him for solution.

Values of Oracle.

"Son! In this life if you wish to reach Me, you can achieve it only through my Baalagan (Beloved Son) Adigalaar. Hold tight to His Lotus Feet and follow His guidance to salvage karma."

- Amma's Oracle.


Devotees, who realized the greatness of Her Oracle, flocked Her in hundreds and thousands. At present Oracles are said about 10:00 AM on Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays, New moon and Full moon days and other festival days. As Siddhar Peetam gained importance, there were mixed opinions about it. Some were jealous and others hated it and some even made fun of it.


Beyond religion, caste and creed :

Not only Hindus come here to listen to Oracle, but also Muslims, Christians, Jains and other religious people visit Siddhar Peetam and pray to the Mother in the form of Adigalaar. She does not insist that they should believe only in Her or give up the practices of their religious beliefs. She tells them to follow the codes and conducts of their respective community faithfully and honestly. They are asked to have staunch faith in God.

She ordered a visiting Muslim devotee to recite Kuran sincerely every Thursday. She picked certain verses from Kuran and asked him to repeat them regularly. She also told the Muslim devotee, "Allah is Amma and Amma is Allah." Thus we know that Amma is beyond religion and other discriminating factors.


Incarnation :
Common people fail to recognize incarnation. Therefore, like a fish being caught by baiting it with another fish or worm, so also, to impress and make the people realize incarnations, they are given the earthly benefits that they ask for, their incurable diseases are cured and their problems are solved. All the scientific and technological advancements have only increased the sophistication and standard of human living. The human nature remains the same with regard to spirituality and God consciousness. 2000 years back when Lord Jesus Christ came upon this earth as the Son of God, people never believed and finally He was crucified and set to a horrible and painful death. 5000 years back when Lord Krishna appeared on this earth not many people then believed in Him as an incarnation. However, today, there are millions of people around the world following both these incarnations and praying and praising their idols, forms and pictures. It is pity that people question and fail to recognize incarnations during their existence, but follow them after they leave. Why can't everyone recognize, accept and benefit during their physical existence. It is best explained by Law of Karma. Adigalaar is a spiritual grahasta. Adigalaar is a Siddha Purushar (Enlightened or God realized being). Above everything He is an incarnation. "Yes! He is the personification of Ambal", said Kaanchi Periyavar. It is not possible for all of us to recognize the incarnation . King Dhasaradha, father of Lord Raama never recognized the incarnation in Raama. The near and dear ones also did not know it. Only the 12 Rishis, including Vashishta and Barathvaaja, knew about the secret of this incarnation. How can He be both an incarnation of Raama and Krishna as well, was a question of doubt which Swami Vivekananda asked Bhagavan Raamakrishnan to the last. In His last days, Raamakrishna said, "He was Krishna. He was Rama. He was the very Avatar (Incarnation), but not the way that your Vedaantaa (Ancient Hindu Philosophy) says", and only then Swami Vivekananda realized the truth, so says history. Once in the city of Coimbatore in India, when a cook was indifferent to Adigalaar, during the Paada Pooja (Ritual of washing Guru Adigalaar's Feet by devotees during which He accepts the sins or bad karmas of those who wash His feet), the Mother Adhiparasakthi appeared in front of the cook in the form of a woman in red clothes. When a priest belonging to a hillside village named Aivermalai in Tamilnadu State of India said that the devotees in red clothes were simply worshipping an ordinary man (referring to Adigalaar), the Mother Adhiparasakthi during Navaraathri (Nine Nights) festival appeared in the form of Adigalaar with a shinning crown and trident in His hand and thus made the priest to realize Adigalaar.


"I am expressing Myself out of infinite mercy in the form of Adigalaar. Man, birds, plants, etc. have shapes. But the Soul (Jeevaathmaa) has no shape, color, odor or any other characteristics. You can't see air with your eyes. Just like people in light can't see the people in darkness, likewise, you can't see my shape. "- Amma's Oracle.

The uniqueness of Adigalaar lies in the fact the He manifests the fullest amount of Divine Bliss and at the same time is extremely humane. No other incarnation came so close to humanity in the earthly existence as Adigalaar does now. He lives and moves amongst us like an ordinary human being so that He can be easily approached even by downtrodden and poor village folks. He is an embodiment of simplicity. He does not present Himself like a Rishi or a Saint or a Swamiji as depicted in ancient myths.

Adigalaar is a living embodiment of Godliness. His sayings are not those of mere learned men or philosophers or sadhus. Adigalaar's Oracles and preaching's contain radical but practical spiritual paths. But these are the words of Divine Mother. He imparts spiritual practices geared to individuals depending on their level of maturity in spirituality. The preachers of all the religions of the world have preached to their followers to accept the practice of a particular dogma, for worldly life and salvation of their souls, emphasizing that they will be doomed, if they don't practice the same.
Adigalaar preaches the path of Dharma (righteousness), bakthi (faith), meditation (for self-realization) and selfless service to the society, which He emphasizes as the shortest route to attain Divinity. He has great compassion for every living being. His life is a vivid picture of spirituality in action. People have questioned the Divine Mother, why Adigalaar was chosen when there are so many saints meditating Her name in the deep forests and mountain tops (Himalayas) and such places. Why have You chosen Adigalaar to make appearance through Him and deliver Oracles instead of choosing one of those saints or yogis. It was only then that Divine Mother expressed Adigalaar's spiritual refinement. There is no need for us to be confused if it is Amma or Adigalaar.

"Son, when people walk along the roads, they differentiate between the living creatures around as man, woman, human, and animals. But Baalagan (Beloved Son) Adigalaar is no such person. He thinks of all living creatures as equals. His spiritual growth and refinement cannot be found in others. He has salvaged His entire ego."

-Amma's Oracle.

The Right Solution :
Adharma (evil) is spreading fast all over the world. The protectors of law themselves indulge in injustice just like a fence eating away the crops. The future appears to be bleak, with violence and terrorism so wide spread. Spiritualism is the only solution to this situation. The path shown by Amma - The Adigalaar is right for the current disintegrated world that we live in as it embraces all religions and people from all walks of life without any discrimination and prejudice. Adigalaar is not here to promote a religion or a cult nor is He to say any of existing religious beliefs are wrong. All that He expects us is to respect each of our differences and live harmoniously in peace without hating each other. Amma is love. Amma leads a life of absolute simplicity and pure love. Amma showers love and affection on the downtrodden, poor, sick, mentally retarded and most of all the citizens of tomorrow - the children. She shows them the path of righteousness and instills noble qualities that would make them good citizens and strong pillars of the human society, with the light of spirituality glowing in their young hearts. To Amma there are no barriers, high or low, good or evil. There is no caste, creed, religion, gender, color, race, or any other communal discrimination. S(H)e is the MOTHER and the entire humanity - Her Children. "One Mother, One Humanity".




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