A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

Note : The content, explanations and descriptions given in this page are intepretations and thoughts of the author. The objective is to present the science of spirituality, but not find scientific explanation to spiritual practices. There is a difference between these two. Science of spirituality is embedded with its own process called "Bhakthi - Faith" without which realization of God Consciousness is not possible. Scientific explanations and logical reasoning alone without unconditional faith and belief in God will merely serve as a decorative tinsle and will NOT result in Self-Realization.

Amma seated in Arul Nilai

"Makanae'! Akila Ahndamum Naan! Atharkkul Nee! Unakkul Naan! Passport Yenna Oru Poruttaa Makanae'!", said Amma in Transcendental State (Arul Nilai) to a devotee of Sri Lankan origin, now living in Toronto, Canada, who had lost his passport while in India and was desparate as he can't travel back to Canada without it. Under the problematic situation in Sri Lanka, he was so worried that he begged and cried to Amma in the Siddhar Peetam, Melmaruvathur, India. Miraculously within a couple of days he got his lost passport back. He went to Amma in Arul Nilai and thanked Amma for getting his passport back. That's when Amma said the above Oracle. The incident may appear insignificant in the minds of the reader. But the pain felt by the person who lost his passport - he alone knows. Besides, the point to note here is what Amma profoundly ascertained. "Akila Ahndamum Naan!" (Akila= All or Everything; Ahndam = Universes/Galaxies and Space; Naan = I) This means "I am entire universes, galaxies and space". "Atharkkul Nee!" (Atharkkul = Inside it; Nee = You) meaning "Inside them is you!". "Unnakkul Naan!" (Unnakkul = Inside you; Naan = I) meaning "Inside you is Me!". "Passport Yenna Oru Porutta Makanae!' (Yenna = is it?; Oru = 'a'; Porutta = Concern?; Makanae'= Son) meaning "Is passport a concern my son?". Put together, what Amma said was, "Son! I am All universes, galaxies and space. You are in It. I am in you. Is passport a concern my son!" It is a very explicit and eloquent way that Amma put forward the meaning of AadhiParaaShakti.

AadhiParaaShakti : AadhiParaaShakti is one of the few “natural name” words which explicitly carries the essential substance representing the science of spiritual consciousness - The God. “Aadhi” in Sanskrit and Tamil languages refers to ‘Origin’ or ‘Source’ or ‘Beginning’. “Paraa” means ‘Everywhere’ or ‘Omnipresent’. “Shakti” means ‘Energy’ or ‘Power’. These three words combined “AadhiParaaShakti” then means ‘Energy that is Source of all things present everywhere”. What is the form of this Energy? Is it masculine or feminine?

“I have no form, shape, color or gender. I will appear in any form at any time in any place . I will come as a child, snake, elderly, dog or anything I choose to be.”

- Amma's Oracle.

Shakti is the Sanskrit term meaning ‘Energy’. Shakti refers to God as Mother. Modern science concurs that all forms of matter and anti-matter is Energy. This has been the central concept of all spiritual teachings and practices in India for ages, but differs from physical science by affirming that such Energy is only a limited manifestation of the infinite Supreme Energy called AadhiParaaShakti.

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth”

- John 4:24, Holy Bible.

It is this Supreme Energy that Mohammed referred to as ‘Allah’ (Al – All; Lah – Powerful). Christ referred to as ‘Father’. While reading and meditating on some gospels in Bible, I was made to realize the real substance of Jesus preaching that elicits the science of God consciousness.

“Amma is Allah! Allah is Amma” - Amma's Oracle.

The basis of many preaching of Krishna, Christ, Mohammed, Buddha is very scientific. Let’s not use the word ‘Metaphysical’ here for a reason. In simple sense, the word “Science” means ‘Knowledge’. In Tamil (an ancient classical South Indian language, which is still the mother-tongue of millions in the state of Tamil Nadu, India), the physical science is referred to as ‘Vinjnaana” (Vin + Jnana), whereas the spiritual science is referred to as ‘Meijnaana’ (Mei + Jnana). ‘Mei’ means ‘Truth’. ‘Jnana’ means ‘Knowledge’. Thus it can be seen that these ancient languages had scientific basis for God consciousness and differentiated it from physical science. These are not the words that were formulated after evolution of modern science, but have been in existence time immemorial. Sanskrit and Tamil are termed ‘Divine’ or ‘God’s Language simply because their basis has been spiritual idealisms. In India, majority of spiritual scriptures originated in Sanskrit and Tamil languages, then translated to other local dialects. Scientific knowledge always is a combination of information and action around them. The ‘information’ may be factual or hypothetical. The ‘action’ could be process or procedure. So, physical science has branches like chemistry, physics, social, arts, biology, etc. Similarly spiritual science has many branches such as Ganesha, Skanda, Shiva, Shakta, Chandi, SriVidya, etc. Similar to the concepts of mathematics, chemistry and physics interluding into every other branches of physical sciences, the principles of Shiva (Masculine) and Shakti (Feminine) pervades all branches of spiritual science. In spiritual science we are not concerned about the biological basis for gender differentiation. Anything that is science must have action – process or procedure. So is the spiritual science. All the rituals and rites are prescribed process and procedures in spiritual science which were devised by Yogis, Siddhas and Rishis and given to the benefit of humankind. The only difference between physical and spiritual science is that a physical scientist can teach to people interested in specializing and excelling in a particular branch of science and demonstrate the process and results comprehendible by our sense organs, whereas the spiritual science, while can be taught, the process and results cannot be explicitly demonstrated. It can only be experienced by individuals. The only sense organ that enable this experience is Mind – Manas

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