A Tribute to my Eternal Guru

This festival name has its first part named after the Tamil month Adhi and the pooram is a star in the constellation.This festival falls on June or July. At melmaruvathur this festival, His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar circumambulates to take off the karmas of his devotees who leave it on the Melmaruvathur soil by circumambulating on it

Next is 'Kanchi Vaarpu' which means serving porridge to the mother. The unique feature of this activity is that, this porridge is prepared by every one separately and is brought to Siddhar Peedam and is poured into a same utensil and served as prasadham to the devotees. The reason for such an activity is that, when mixed, the porridge prepared by different persons looses its identity and gains common status. The moral behind this activity is nothing other than spread unity among human.

The third part of it is that abishekam (bathing or pouring) of milk to the SWAYAMBU. This festival is celebrated around the world in all worship centers (Mandrams). In USA, it is celebrated with famous chakra yagna at Shakti Peetam and Spiritual Center of NA Shakti Peetam of NA.

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